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If you have a water spa or hot tub and its sitting outside exposed to the elements, have you considered surrounding it with a sunroom spa enclosure for more use and enjoyment?

Greenhouses Del Sol specializes in custom designed sunrooms for any spa and sunroom deck application. In business for 22 + years, we have had the grateful privilege of designing, creating, and constructing custom sunrooms for many Colorado homes throughout the years.

Our years of experience helps us to see and design the best fit for your home.


There are a couple of sunroom structural options to choose from:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Pre-Fab kit sunrooms are prefabricated by design, in a manufacturing facility, then shipped, and ready to install on a prepared foundation or a well supported deck structure.

The custom stick built version with integrated design options that blend with existing home designs, or the do-it yourself  (DIY) version. Sunrooms for water spas creates the perfect ambient environment for relaxed and comfortable living. More importantly its just downright pleasant to jump into a tub of water when the surrounding room temperature is not bone chilling cold. If you decide to purchase a hot tub enclosure from a big box store… have you looked at them closely?.… for the investment , there not bad..! Price considerations are always a factor in any decision , permanent  sunroom enclosures will cost more since they require permit fees, design and engineering, foundations, making this option a higher value and quality built sunroom spa enclosure. In the grand scheme of things, a home, in most cases, is the most valued asset a person has. A well designed sunroom addition will always add value and is a desirable feature in most homes. Thats just the way it is…! Furthermore, a portable and movable enclosure will not outlast a permanent structure. Added value is depreciated.


Recently we had the opportunity to design and construct a tiny 10×12 spa sunroom. The existing spa was tucked into a corner just outside the sliding door leading into the house. For years, this spa was outdoors; although it is enjoyed and has been used over the years the decision to surround it with a custom sunroom enclosure was finally made.

We designed a simple low cost lean to style, sunroom spa enclosure with wood beams and glass as a permanent structure attached to the house. This simple design included a sliding door, 2 operable sliding windows and bronze tinted all tempered glass. The roof has 2 custom built operable solar roof vents. When a sunroom reaches uncomfortable temperatures the solar operated ridge vents opens automatically and allows heat to continuously escape. The result was a perfect low cost sunroom spa enclosure which complimented the design of the house as well as providing a comfortable and enjoyable hot tub environment. These styles of sunroom enclosures are the perfect solution for those who want a low cost and quality built sunroom. It’s our goal to offer the best value without compromising quality.


  • Sunrooms adds space and light
  • Enjoyment and relaxation; tranquility of water in a spa
  • Outdoors from within, more enjoyment
  • Protection; outdoor furniture and other things
  • Home’s desirable feature
  • no con’s… just good value and fun

Bringing sunroom dreams closer to home is a trademark we do with joy, passion and affordability.
Designs are available for most of the following areas of a home

  • Living Room,
  • Decks
  • Patio enclosures
  • Overhead courtyard skylights,
  • Deck Roofs
  • Outdoor kitchen pavilions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spa sunrooms,
  • Bathrooms with a view
  • Kitchen with a view
  • Breakfast nook
  • Dining Room
  • Family Room
Make it a point to contact us when pricing out sunroom additions.
You’ll be glad you did!
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Scott Rivers
Scott Rivers
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I had an Idea for a greenhouse and ralph gave me options based on my budget and timeframe. A great experience and highly recommend Ralph for all your projects!
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Susan Riley
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I had the best experience with Ralph building our greenhouse. It was not just about building but he gave us an education on what we can grow depending on size, temperature and sunlight.
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Mr And Mrs. Simms
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We have been gardening for years and finally got our greenhouse thanks to Ralph! We are now growing things year round so the winter in colorado does not feel so gloom. I