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Greenhouse Ridge Vents vents for glass roofs

If you’re planning on building a new greenhouse or sunroom, choosing the structure type, critical components, ridge vents, and the transparency of your roof will dictate whether your experience will be a happy one or a costly makeover.   Why is that?…and what would be your choice..?

Greenhouse ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms
Custom size Ridge vent
Greenhouse ridge vents,ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms
Custom Ridge vent for glass roofs
Greenhouse ridge vents,ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms
Custom size Ridge vent

Greenhouse Ridge Vents

Ridge Vents are like operable windows… they are not mechanical exhaust fans. Its an aluminum framed window with hinges to open up manually with a crank, or a motorized actuator with thermostat control, or with a solar operated vent opener.

Ridge vents placed at the very top of the ridge (peak of the roof) in place of a fixed panel of glass. Furthermore, they can generally fit into any aluminum structural bar system or wood framed greenhouse or sunroom… of any rectangular configuration design, regardless of manufacturer. Aluminum ridge vents are custom sized.

a few important facts…about ridge vents 

Glass roofs are impressive, they offer lots of light, aesthetically, they look very clean and stylish on just about any home style. Most of all, if you’re very fond of sunshine then by all means move ahead. Here again the choice of roof ultimately depends on how you want to use your new solar space…. and how is that?

greenhouse ridge vents,ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms,
Sunroom operable Ridge Vent
greenhouse ridge vents,sunroom ridge vents,ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms
Ridge Vent
greenhouse ridge vents,ridge vents,greenhouse,greenhouses,Colorado sunrooms
Sunroom operable Ridge Vent

Just remember… with sunshine comes heat. Our years of experience have thought us one important thing about glazed roofs. Heat build up will always occur in any glazed sealed environment, regardless of high performance glazed coatings such as Low E and super Low E…super max E….  whatever you wanna call it…glass coatings do not prevent heat build up…..


Greenhouse Ridge Vents

for sunrooms and or greenhouses or glazed enclosures can be made to fit any glazed roof..

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These types of glazed coatings do have their place in many applications. Even on greenhouse and sunroom roofs. However, all coatings do, is limit the degree of UV infiltration… It does not prevent or block UV rays 100% nor does it prevent solar heat gain. Trapped solar heat gain inside a greenhouse or sunroom builds up under a glazed roof. If there is no escape for hot air to go, the temperature will increase during daylight hours. Especially if its in direct sunlight, then of course, heat gain and heat accumulation dissipates during the evening hours.

Solar heat gain…without ridge vents

If you’re planning on a lot of planting and growing, or planning a nicely built sunroom addition for your home, most plants like heat and light but they can only take so much of it and that goes for people too…. Too much heat will eventually wither and wilt your plants.

Greenhouses and sunrooms that get unbearably hot, especially in the summer, is no fun to enjoy.

The best atmospheric condition for plants and us humans is a circulating ambient movement of air… Yes,… greenhouses and sunrooms do get warm but warm is OK as long as its ventilating. Hot air rises and accumulates at the very top of a glazed roof … hot air needs access to escape as low moving cool air enters through doors and operable windows; this effect is basically called convection.

Greenhouse Convection….

The upward motion of a body of air which transfers heat from ground level to the upper part of the atmosphere.

As convection or transfer of accumulated warm air moves upward, the cooler air below replaces the hot air as the warmer hot air escapes through the ridge vents… hence, this constant displacement of warm air in a ventilated glazed environment keeps the temperature relatively constant and stable as opposed to getting unbearably hot…in a sealed environment.

It is for these reasons why greenhouse ridge vents should be incorporated in every glazed roof application… for all greenhouse and sunroom applications

and that’s the rest of the story on greenhouse ridge vents!

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Ridge Vent Design
bayliss,vents,openers,ridge vents,ridge,vent,openers
Wood frame Ridge vent design
bayliss,vents,openers,ridge vents,ridge,vent,openers
Auto Solar Vent opener
bayliss,vents,openers,ridge vents,ridge,vent
Bayliss Greenhouse Vent Opener

The ridge vents illustrated on this page are examples of after market ridge vents that can be ordered, retrofitted and installed on most greenhouse and sunroom frames. There built from aluminum material and are designed to last and operate very easily. Ridge vents are probably one of the best and most important upgrades any greenhouse and sunroom can have.

Ridge vent glazing

Available with double glazed glass as well as single glaze, painted finishes and customized to fit any type aluminum or wood frame structure.

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