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Canon City-


Custom wood frame with 16mm clear polycarbonate roof panels and vented ridge vents w/ auto solar openers. This attached greenhouse was built to the gable side of the barn garage and was built to match the property aesthetics to serve as a perfect growing environment.



Adding on to this existing home and keeping the design aesthetics to match is a design characteristic we specialize in. This Telluride home had an existing deck structure over their new garage and we were able to build on it for a spectacular all-glass solar structure they can use year-round. 

Colorado Springs-


This Colorado Springs resident needed a greenhouse to house existing plants and to grow fresh veggies and herbs.  Having  ample backyard space we provided a new Cross Country 10 x 12 kit, with clear 16mm all polycarbonate roof and walls. Built with a permanent stone foundation wall.

Woodland Park-


This solar heated custom wood glu-lam greenhouse located in Woodland Park, Colorado has features like no other. 16 mm clear polycarbonate roof and sidewalls, custom framed for operable windows, insulated framed north wall. Included is a thermal solar heat battery powered by the suns energy and Geo-thermal radiant heat from the ground 8 ft below the surface, will have no problem growing all year around.



This Breezeway located in Boulder Colorado needed a glass enclosure.  No area should be wasted and we were able to connect the house and garage together and make a brighter and perfect walk through area for year round sun and warmth. 

More Ideas and Projects-


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Greenhouses and Sunrooms

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