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Aluminum Glazing System

Aluminum Glazing System is an aluminum fastening support system for glass or any solid type of transparent sheathing such as poly-carbonate panels, lexan, Plexiglas, and/or acrylic sheets.

If you’re building a greenhouse or any type of solar structure and you’re using polycarbonate multi-wall sheathing or glass. This type of system is used primarily to fasten multi-wall polycarbonate sheets or glass to any type of structural supporting substructure such as glue-lam post and beams, steel and or custom timber, such as mahogany, exotic hard wood, etc.


These are generally the mosaluminum glazing system, building a greenhouse, building a sunspaces with wood beams and glasst common framing types of sub-structures used for these types of glazing applications.

The system itself is much like a large scaled clamp designed to be mounted and fasten to the top of any load bearing sub-structure. They can be made to span up to 20 ft or longer.

As the name states PRO-SEAL is a quality glazing system is made from aluminum simply because it does not degrade with time. It literally can last forever, that is the main reason why aluminum is the best element to use.

There is also polycarbonate connector systems made from polycarbonate material designed to fit with specific dimension thicknesses of the various polycarbonate sheathing that is currently available in the market.

Build with Aluminum Glazing System

When in doubt and if your not sure about building with an aluminum glazing system … contact me

Wood or metal, imagine the possibilities..!

Polycarbonate for greenhouses is probably the most common use and need for an aluminum glazing system. Many of the greenhouse kits that are available today all use aluminum frames that are designed for structural support as well as fastening polycarbonate sheets or glass to their frames.
The aluminum clamping system is basically the top half design of an aluminum structural bar. This concept option defrays much of the cost for a full blown structural aluminum bar system when building any type of solar space for your home.

The most common need for an aluminum glazing system is applied when building with wood. This is mostly true primarily because of cost, its way cheaper to frame with wood.

Another great feature is the fact that when building with wood you should never allow polycarbonate panels or glass to come in contact with wood, this necessary step will preserve your wood a lot longer.
For a long lasting application that will last for years and years it’s always best to keep the glazing away from the wood.

An aluminum glazing system allows any moisture to escape through the weeping channels that are part of the system. Streams of moisture beads are created due to temperature differences.
Aluminum glazing system, greenhouse, wood frame greenhouse
Whenever it’s snowy and cold outside and warm inside, condensation will inevitably form on the interior of the glazing sheets.

This moisture needs a place to weep to and away from the wood. It is for this reason alone that any glazed wood structure that is directly glazed with glass touching wood will eventually cause the wood to turn black and rot away over time.
In the past I have repaired and viewed many solar collector rooms that have been totally ruined by incorrect glazing applications. Depending on the severity of the damage, fixing these types of rooms is never easy nor is it ever easy on the wallet. Sorry to say!

The best and the most affordable application for your sun space will require a little research. Glue-lam post and beam rooms are very beneficial, useful, and attractive and if constructed correctly they will last a lifetime. Aluminum structural components are also just as nice and very practical for any sun space application.

Aluminum Glazing System components

Pro-seal is a durable maintenance free, extruded aluminum glazing system. It can be used on any sloped or vertical application. You can mount insulated glass units, single sheets of glass from a 1/4″ to 1″ thickness, as well as multi-wall polycarbonate panels on a wood, steel or aluminum sub-structure.
Water tight EDPM rubber gaskets prevent leaks. Pro-Seals integral gutters weeps condensation away from glass and the framing components.

Pro-Seals labor saving design requires minimal caulking and needs only simple perimeter flashing to complete the job.

Building with structural wood components and creating the solar structure of your dreams just got better

Here are some detail close-ups showing the correct way to install aluminum glazing extrusions..

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Remember this…! if you plan on building your custom post and beam greenhouse or a custom sunroom or repairing an existing glazed wood structure.

Use the Right Glazing Extrusions

Aluminum glazing extrusions provides a leak free project and a long lasting application.

Don’t make the mistake of setting glass directly on wood. You’ll regret it…!

Within a short period of time you’ll be replacing the wood once again. Very costly and unnecessary. Aluminum glazing extrusions allows condensation to weep to the outside and is essential to the long-term success of a custom wood framed greenhouse and or sunroom.

Aluminum Extrusion assembly

What we have found building with wood beams and aluminum extrusions is that it provides an airtight seal and keeps the glass in place, away from the wood. Moisture and condensation weeps away, keeping the look and design color of your wood looking good, season after season
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