Greenhouse Window Well


Greenhouse DIY window well plans

Turn your window well into a garden of fresh veggies and herbs

Most window wells in homes only serve as egress in case of an emergency, its vacant space that never gets used unless theres an emergency. More and more folks realize that this space could very well be an all season greenhouse for growing and or storing house plants.

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Greenhouse structures can take on various designs, for those who prefer a more manageable garden endeavor, as opposed to a standalone hobby greenhouse or a permanent greenhouse structure. A window well greenhouse may just be the answer. For people who enjoy gardening and want to increase their growing season and would like an affordable option, turning a window well into a greenhouse is an easy to create alternative.

Build your own window greenhouse

Greenhouse window wells only require a couple of sheets of polycarbonate greenhouse panels. The quantity of 4×8 sheets will depend on the size of the window well greenhouse, a metal or wood frame and a day or two to construct. Once completed, build a tiered shelf arrangement or window box planters most likely from wood. Utilizing a window well liner will also help prevent the wood shelving from making contact with moist dirt inside the window well, bring in good organic soil and start to grow a variety of herbs and greens.

Your DIY gregreenhouse diy plans, greenhouse structure, build your own greenhouse, window greenhouseenhouse will then turn out a couple veggies along with some fresh herbs even in the coldest regions of the country, with the proper orientation and care, growing all year is totally doable!

Depending on the size of the window well, a decent bumper crop can be harvested throughout the entire year. The best window well is one that has a south westerly orientation; this will allow the greenhouse window well to collect as much southern winter sun as possible. In addition to being able to grow plants and herbs, capturing sun rays will also provide additional heat going into the adjoining area and will also prevent heat from escaping through the interior window on cold days and evenings.

A window well greenhouse provides an air lock between the outdoor elements and the inside of the room. This arrangement is ideal for individuals who want to grow their own herbs on a small scale for personal consumption. Access from the inside is a handy feature.

The exterior of the greenhouse window well should have an access passage from the outside; a small hinged door with proper weather stripping that is large enough for a person to fit through 24″w x 36″h or larger is probably all onegreenhouse diy plans, greenhouse structure, build your own greenhouse, window greenhouse needs to comply with egress.

With respect to dimensions, the best window wells to turn into greenhouses are the 5′ (x) 5′ (x) 3′ ranges or bigger. Obviously the larger the window well, the bigger the harvest.


DIY greenhouse designs and plans can be left to the imagination there are no rules, build it right, build it functional and build it to last. A window well greenhouse such as the one in this article was inspired and designed by Mac Thompson. This diy window well greenhouse turned out just right, with a 7′-6″w x 6′ d x 3′-5″h overall size, this allowed for two generous sized growing levels around 12″ x 12″ for each tier. The bottom sill level can be used for potting containers and other implements.

Garden window greenhouse

Building your own window well greenhouse, requires a little design planning, but there also many greenhouse designs on the market that can serve most gardening needs.

Many homes that cannot accommodate a window well greenhouse do have other options. Inexpensive options include a small standalone greenhouse made of clear plastic over a light PVC frame and greenhouse shelving. This greenhouse can be attached to a house wall but not very practical during colder months.

Another variety of greenhouse kit; is your garden variety backyard greenhouse structure. This type requires a solid foundation and an accessible location within the yard. Depending on which model or design purchased these options are also very affordable. If gardening is a passion, then greenhouse growing is the way to go. A greenhouse can provide early tomatoes salad greens all year long and start seedlings for the main garden every season.

A hobby greenhouse is a smart investment. Everyone I talk to wants one!