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Greenhouse Selections

Colorado Greenhouse Selections, Upgrades and Kits

Are you ready for an abundant growing environment?
Now is the time to get rid of those post winter blues….. its……..Spring time!

Start planning for a greenhouse

Save hundreds on many Colorado greenhouse selections, kits, custom builds, upgrades that will turn your dream into a reality!

Here are the some greenhouse specials to save on:

  • Modifying width, length or slop
  • Adding a partition wall, jogs, custom openings, vestibule or breezeway
  • upgrading or modifying a door
  • modifying a window
  • Upgrading to a commercial storefront door
  • Exhaust Fan System
  • Adding louvers, automatic ridge vents, side vents for additional ventilation
  • Decorative ridge cresting
  • Decorative Gutter, Decorative Pressure Cap, wagon wheel
  • Glazing Upgrades including 6mm (1/4″)single glass, high performance Low E, tinted glass or polycarbonate
  • Kit pricing

Greenhouse Savings

Savings apply to all greenhouse requests and polycarbonate panels, supplies and accessories….

Standard lead times without shipping restrictions.

When looking for a quality Greenhouse…

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Greenhouse Choices

Our greenhouse selections are the best in the industry – is it time to get ready for yours..?  Give us a call..!

We offer free online estimates and if you would like our new 2018 Cross Country Greenhouse catalog and price list, find it here, at our online greenhouse contact us page 

Why choose a Cross Country Greenhouse Kit.

We are horticultural enthusiasts, gardeners at heart. Offering affordable greenhouse kits to suit every ones choices. Greenhouse gardeners want a quality, long lasting structure that will stand the test of time. All this and at an affordable price.

  • Durability, Strength…built with engineering codes tailored to meet your local building codes.
  • Built with life long lasting materials aluminum, polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel fasteners..
  • Built strong and weather tight.. polycarbonate or glass panels and glazing bars, structural trusses, aluminum glazing cap closures, super strong glazing tape and gaskets.
  • Quality.. built with detail and aesthetics..by far its one of the most attractive greenhouse kits on the market, the symmetry is superb..
  • Aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance such that it reflects beauty, functionality and perfection.
  • Satisfaction.. Company recognition, long lasting business reputation for customer service and quality craftsmanship..
  • A Plethora of types, sizes, choices, combination’s, ease of assembly…
  • Grow your greenhouse..need more growing space, no problem cross country greenhouses are expandable..
  • Lastly…Enjoy the Harvest..

The Cross Country greenhouse kit

for enhanced view click images to see

Ziggy's Greenhouse 7
Cross Country greenhouse
Colorado greenhouse kit

made from an aluminum frame that can accommodate double or triple wall polycarbonate.

Single or double pane glass or a combination with polycarbonate roof and glass walls.

Tested and engineered to meet 30 to 50 lbs snow load and 95 to 110 mph wind load.

That’s pretty strong!

All kits come with one door, automatic solar operated ridge vents 22″ x 44, quantity of vents, depends on size.

Freestanding, lean-to’s, custom designs, custom roof pitches, curved eave or straight eave models, your choice.

And Yes higher end custom design garden greenhouses for the discerning customer, are available

Please visit the garden room page.