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Greenhouse Selections



Order anytime Greenhouse Upgrades and Kits

Are you ready for an abundant growing environment?
Now is the time to get rid of post winter blues its……..Spring time!


Start planning for a greenhouse

From now on save hundreds on many greenhouse kits, custom builds, upgrades that will turn your dream into a reality!
Here are the some greenhouse specials to save on:

  • Modifying width, length or slop
  • Adding a partition wall, jogs, custom openings, vestibule or breezeway
  • Adding, upgrading or modifying a door
  • Adding, upgrading or modifying a window
  • Upgrading to a commercial storefront door
  • Exhaust Fan System
  • Adding louvers, automatic ridge vents, side vents for additional ventilation
  • Decorative ridge cresting
  • Decorative Gutter, Decorative Pressure Cap, wagon wheel
  • Glazing Upgrades including 6mm (1/4″)single glass, high performance Low E, tinted glass or polycarbonate
  • Greenhouse pricing


Greenhouse Savings


These call in savings apply to all greenhouse requests and polycarbonate panels, supplies and accessories….

Standard lead times are in effect and there are no shipping restrictions.


When looking for a quality Greenhouse…                                                                                                                                 call us 719 270 3000….and save a few bucks


Greenhouse Selections

Our greenhouse selections are nothing but the best – it’s time to get ready for yours!  Call today!