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Greenhouse Plant Benches

Greenhouse Plant Benches

Plant Bench Furniture….

Need more Greenhouse shelf space

Plant bench furniture for greenhouses, stores, and home… the perfect solution. Holds up to 50% more plant material, durable and long lasting, molded product from high density UV stabilized ABS re-cycled plastic.

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The product number for this is GDSsm967203 …. see prices below ..call 719 270 3000

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Introducing Plant Hanger Plus, the first truly effective Greenhouse Plant Benches hanging basket system engineered for all greenhouses providing practicality, organization and convenience. Hang up to 27 baskets from each eight-foot (2.44 m) section. Full integration with a three-step wall plant bench system maximizes versatility and function. Order today and this will be the last greenhouse plant bench you’ll ever buy!

Durable Strong and moisture resistant, Flame Retardant, Good Impact Resistance, Good Dimensional Stability, Easy to assemble, resale value 100%… You cant go wrong with a products such as this!

Greenhouse Sources

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Source and Products for the backyard greenhouse person who needs it right away….

Greenhouses Del Sol Inc
Plant Bench pricing

Greenhouse plant bench, mulit tiered plant bench, greenhouse plant benches

Width L to R = 96″ Depth = 39″ Overall Height: 86″
Each Shelf depth … 16″
Each Shelf height … from lowest to highest 12″ – 24″ – 36″
made from ABS recycled plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
available with casters…. additional cost.. please call!
Due to size and weight, must ship common carrier.. not ups-able

Note: Freight today is exceptionally expensive, in many cases the freight almost equals the cost of one product.

Depending on where you live.

All products are shipped FOB (Freight on Board) factory to destination:
Most items are generally in stock for quick turnaround.

For lower freight rates its best to combine your order with more than one item, ask friends and or other home horticulturalist in your area who would be interested in quality Plant Bench products that last a lifetime. Freight per item will then be drastically reduced. It cost just as much to ship one item as it does to ship 3 or 4 items.

Plant Hanger Plus
Part Numbers Dimensions Prices
GDSsm 367203w 39″ deep x 36″ L x 84″ h $283.00
GDSsm 667203w 39″ deep x 66″ L x 84″h $449.00
GDSsm 967203w 39″ deep x 96″ L x 84″h $570.00


Single level – Plant Benches -18″ legs – open grid surface top

*deep = front to back measurement

Greenhouse plant bench, mulit tiered plant bench, greenhouse plant benches
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available with longer legs 24″, 30″, 36″ .. call and specify
solid top surface… additional cost
call and specify!
66″ and shorter units are UPS-able
96″ are common carrier…cost more to ship!

Single level Plant Benches 18 inch height standard open grid surface top
Part Numbers Dimensions Prices
GDSsm 361801 16″ deep x 36″ L $35.69
GDSsm 661801 16″ deep x 66″ L $58.64
GDSsm 961801 16″ deep x 96″ L $71.41
24inch depth Plant Benches
GDSbm 362401 24″ deep x 36″ L $39.98
GDSbm 482401 24″ deep x 48″L $65.90
GDSbm 662401 24″ deep x 66″L $76.10
GDSbm 962401 24″deep x 96″L $80.04
36inch depth Plant Benches
GDSbm 361801S3 36″ deep x 36″L $54.38
GDSbm 661801S3 36″ deep x 66″L $95.28
GDSbm 961801S3 36″ deep x 96″L $116.12
Accessories – Longer legs
GDSbmLEG24 24″ leg height $4.61 /ea
GDSbmLEG30 30″ leg height $6.29 /ea
GDSbmLEG36 36″ leg height $7.44 /ea

2 step shelf Plant Bench unit 24″ overall height

Greenhouse plant bench, 2 step shelf plant bench, greenhouse plant benches
Plant Bench upper shelf 24-lower 16
Greenhouse plant bench, plant bench, plant benches, plant stands

lower shelf 16″ deep – upper shelf 12″ deep
front to back depth dimension 28″
available with lower 24″ deep lower shelf – upper shelf 16″ deep
front to back depth dimension 36″
3 step Wall Plant Benches, overall height 36″ top – 24″ middle height – 12″ bottom height

2 step – 16 inch lower shelf – 12 inch upper shelf – 24 overall height
Part Numbers Dimensions Prices
GDSsm362402w 28″ deep x 36″ L $91.73
GDSsm662402W 28″ deep x 66″ L $152.89
GDSsm962402W 28″ deep x 96″ L $183.60
2 Step -24″ lower shelf – 16″ upper shelf depth – 24″ overall height
GDSsm362402W2 36″ deep x 36″ L $96.04
GDSsm662402W2 36″ deep x 66″ L $160.36
GDSsm962402W2 36″ deep x 96″ L $192.21
2 step Wall Plant Bench
GDSsm362402W 28″ deep x 36″ L $91.73
GDSsm662402W 28″ deep x 66″ L $152.89
GDSBbm482402W 42″ deep x 48″ L $191.05
3 Step Wall Plant Bench
GDSsm363603W 39″ deep x 39″ L $168.17
GDSsm663603W 39″ deep x 66″ L $274.49

*deep = front to back measurement

3 step Shelf Plant Bench wall unit

Greenhouse plant bench, 3 step shelf plant bench, plant benches, flower display benches
Greenhouse plant bench

top – middle – bottom shelf…. are 16″ deep
front to back depth dimension…… 39″
3 step Plant Bench overall height 36″ top – 24″ middle height – 12″ bottom height

3 step wall display
Part Numbers Dimensions Prices
GDSsm363603W 39″ deep x 36″ L $168.17
GDSsm663603W 39″ deep x 66″ L $274.49
GDSsm963603W 39″ deep x 96″ L $330.06

*deep = front to back measurement

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