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The Best Greenhouse Kit are Cross Country Greenhouses

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For the most part

the Cross Country greenhouse kit is nothing short of high quality, simplicity, aesthetics, practicality, good prices, it is the rule rather than the exception. Our cross country series is our best seller and in the last 8 years of providing this line we have had not one complaint, other than they wish they had decided to purchase a larger model, no worries, you can always extend them with extra sections. The design allows for growth, so now we can address the its too small syndrome.

Versatility, quality, and low cost is our standard.

Everywhere across this great land, people are finding and developing new ideas for growing and nourishing their own vegetables and food source. I do not have to emphasize the importance of starting your own growing garden. The benefits are countless, since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt, gardening exploits in the White House have created an example for thousands of young and old, both city and country dwellers alike, throughout the country.

The obvious reasons why growing your own vegetables is so important today has to do mostly with health concerns. Statistics prove that a healthy lifestyle is a direct result of natural food intake and exercise. Food sources, for the most part, are provided to us by large corporations who own extensive supermarket chains in the food industries.

Their bottom line is to make money. Sure they deliver wholesomeness and freshness and many super markets do a great job.


much of the fruits and vegetables we buy today are sprayed or fogged with some form of chemical, Do we actually know if these elements are natural or for that matter, safe.! There are many types of sprays and “safe”insecticides. We buy them all the time. Although the Government has done much to regulate the food industry, how much can they actually accomplish, with limited resources.

Does the average person know what all goes into the food we buy over the counter? not many do…! Google it sometime and find out!

Start Your Greenhouse garden soon…

many fruits and vegetables are grown in Greenhouses. Find out how to buy a Cross Country Greenhouse or polycarbonate greenhouse panels at great prices today… and start growing your own… contact Ralph

Cross Country Greenhouse Kits

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