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Greenhouse kit… extend your growing season

The start of the growing season in most parts of the world is an exciting time. Here in the USA, gardeners are starting their spring round up and finally preparing their yard for another fruitful growing season. Selecting greenhouse kit options for another great year.

As the seasons pass us by and having seen so many greenhouses popping up all over the place. Perhaps this could be your year to make that greenhouse project a reality.

Greenhouse kits are designed to provide a growing environment for vegetable and plants.

In many regions of the country greenhouse building is becoming popular.  It provides a controlled environment to start seedlings early. With the proper systems in place and a well built greenhouse. Extending the growing season clear into the winter months is truly possible.

I’ve always wanted a greenhouse kit!

Greenhouse kits are taking hold.

And why is that?

Whether you are an average family who enjoys greenhouse gardening or a professional greenhouse gardening business. Enjoying the benefits of growing all year long in a greenhouse is immensely enjoyable.

The scope of greenhouse kits and designs are very broad.

Back in the day, greenhouses were usually found in commercial settings. Such as your local garden shop and exclusive neighborhoods. With the popular advent of growing your own vegetables, plants and flowers. Greenhouse kits have taken hold in many backyards and neighborhoods from all walks of life.

What makes Greenhouse kits, so popular?

  • Extended growing season
  • Variety of architectural designs
  • Affordability

We all know that plants and vegetables love heat. Therefore must have a steady supply of sunlight and rich organic soil that is fairly warm and constant.

Most growing can only occur during the summer months when nature provides these three elements at the same time, which for the most part is seasonal.

Greenhouse kit provides a controlled atmosphere which harnesses heat, controls humidity, and provides ample sunlight for vegetables and plants to thrive.

It is critical to realize that greenhouses have dramatic temperature swings. A sealed transparent structure will get cold quickly and will also get hot quickly.

Greenhouse kit… Key elements… greenhouse kit should have

  • ridge vent, manual or solar controlled, sized in relation to size of greenhouse kit
  • operable windows on the east, west and south wall
  • ventilating fans to circulate air
  • firm foundation to prevent frost

For starters these key features are the basics, for maximum effectiveness greenhouse kits can vary in design and choice of components.

The popularity of greenhouse kits is increasing daily and for many appropriate reasons. Since the affordability of greenhouse kits is one significant factor as to why so many backyards have one.

Today’s greenhouse kit options can compliment any setting and provide a lifetime of growing enjoyment. Although many greenhouse kits are advertised as freestanding other designs such as a lean-to’s, are attached to the house which can bring your gardening harvest that much closer to home.

The Parkside, the newest and latest style design, is 8×10 black aluminum frame greenhouse, with decorative ridge cresting and steep roof creating a beautiful English greenhouse look. The decorative base panels provide a fully finished appearance that eliminates the need and cost of a concrete knee wall foundation. The base panels are a brand new option for this particular greenhouse kit.

Before buying a greenhouse kit

Greenhouse kit options offer an extensive selection of sizes and styles. Offering more design choices and key features that will complement the design of any home.

Options such as glass types, polycarbonate panels, frame color, door selections, customization’s. Heaters and fans are just a few differences which will make all the difference in the world.

 Design Styles

  • freestanding with gable pitched roof line
  • Lean to / straight eave designs
  • Victorian
  • Conservatory

At the end of the day, greenhouses, allow for the creation of a controlled natural environment to suit many gardening needs and choices.

It’s growing potential can provide all year growing for fresh vegetables and herbs even in areas where the climate is harsh and the growing season short.

greenhouse kits  in your backyard today…!

Parkside BC greenhouse kit front view

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