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As time moves along I cannot stress enough the importance as well as the popularity of residential greenhouses.



Greenhouses along with the advent of organic gardening and the value one can derive from growing your own vegetables and flowers are a joy and valuable asset.

Greenhouse evolution

has evolved significantly from the days of the renaissance period and even in the not so distant past, greenhouse structures were generally found in affluent backyards or in larger commercial settings. Today however, as the economy grows with expensive veggies, produce and widely used pesticides to preserve freshness, having a backyard greenhouse makes all the sense in the world.

It is because of this economic growth, that residential greenhouses have and are becoming more common today than ever before. Along with increasing produce costs, greenhouse structures have also become very affordable and no longer are they proprietary only to the affluent. Designs are still very basic and are generally very easy to construct, always keeping in mind that there are key factors to incorporate when building a structure to grow plants and vegetables.

Over the years, greenhouse design was basically very plain and rectangular. Greenhouse design did not play too much of a significant role. After all it’s only a greenhouse.

In today’s market, however, and with the advent of newer, bigger and more stylish homes with elaborate architectural designs, this trend has gradually emulated over into greenhouse structure design. Glass and hot house structures have certainly come a long way, compared to its predecessors.

Architectural greenhouse customizations

can make any greenhouse very distinctive so that it blends in well with the rest of the landscape and home as well as being very functional and effective for plant growth. A modern greenhouse with all its beauty, charm and effectiveness is certainly a key asset to any home.

Feel free to review the following PDF and visualize the many features that a cross country greenhouse can provide.


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Greenhouse Architectural Designs and Ideas