Custom Sunroom Enclosure

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Custom Wood Framed Sunroom Enclosures


The beauty of a wood framed custom sunroom is unsurpassed by any other design and style that is currently offered in the market.
The challenge in building this type of sunroom is of course cost, which requires more time in design, acustom sunroom enclosure, custom solar sunrooms, passive solar sunroom, Colorado Springs Sunroomspplication and construction.
Even though, this difficult economic climate presents challenging times for many of us. Especially now, since the industry has taken a sharp decline in demand for custom sunroom greenhouse builds. Still many folks are making all kinds of inquiries regarding a custom sunroom greenhouse of their very own.

Up until many months ago, the phones used to ring off the hook. I literally could not keep up, since many of my projects require my personal presence I could only accomplish one job at a time.

A custom wood framed sunroom enclosure takes time to build and if at all possible building one in the warmer months is by far better than dealing with cold weather. Wood framed sunrooms require a meticulous attachment, and in order for the roof lines to blend and match, modifications are always necessary in order for the roof lines to look the same as the existing house.
A freestanding style is by far easier to deal with and build. A gable attachment to an existing gable requires roof line modifications which are labor intensive.
All in all, the end result is always worthwhile.

Graciously many people who plan on a custom sunroom design do not mind waiting and dealing with a torn up yard until the job is done. Planning their project with ample time is usually a pre-requisite before embarking on such a project. People are slowly realizing that if they don’t begin to make their sunroom greenhouse build a reality now, then when?

When gas hits $5.00 plus will you still be putting it off? Probably so! But for some that is not a deterrent.

I’m sure we all realize what higher gas prices will do to food prices, lumber prices, and just about every other commodity we use in this country?
Prices will eventually creep up over the edge where it will literally become un-affordable for many Americans and next to impossible even for those who are employed.

I sincerely hope we can get our economy under control but with so many needs for so many of us, I’m afraid many corporations as well as the Government will take a conservative approach to paving the way for more good paying jobs. We already are over the hill of no return when it comes to repaying what we have already spent, and what of our children?

Sunroom Greenhouse Expectations

One thing is for certain we and our children still have to eat.

Whether it’s a custom sunroom enclosure or greenhouse, having a sunroom of your dreams is really not that far out of reach. In many cases it’s preferred to build a sunroom addition as opposed to buying another house.
Building a wood framed attached sunroom greenhouse offers a few advantages.

  • the look of wood is aesthetically appealing and in high demand
  • A custom enclosure design will meet any home owners covenants
  • it will outlast and sustain its added value to any home solar gain, solar energy, and solar heat retention
  • insulated roof with operable skylights for light and ventilation
  • easy access to the existing house

The picture you see in this post is a custom glue-lam sunroom designed for a hot tub application. It was built in 1999 and looks pretty much the same to this day. The same features and design can apply for a wood framed greenhouse with a few exceptions.

Wood framed sunrooms

Awesome and magnificent looking wood frame, aluminum glazing system to support glass, maintenance free exterior, stucco or durable maintenance free siding, high efficiency glazing, full panoramic views, unique design, and a stunning upscale look for any home that demands quality and appearance.












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