Attached Greenhouse

wood frame greenhouse

How to build an attached greenhouse

An attached green house is straightforward and relatively easy to build. Of course this depends on the house your attaching to.

There are many designs, start out with a design, a design layout helps with material selection and the right quantity of material to purchase. These types of framing material can be used to build a greenhouse

  • aluminum framed greenhouses
  • steel framed greenhouses.
  • Wood framed greenhouses
  • PVC tubular framed greenhouses

The price range runs from high to low.

Here again, it is a matter of choice and what best fits your preferences and budget.

design considerations

the design of your home usually determines design considerations. If your home is an upscale home, an upscale greenhouse would be more appropriate due to the nature of the home design and the location of the home.

Some homes are in covenant controlled communities where greenhouse structures have to be approved before being constructed. Other homes with land can build whatever they want as long as it is practical and built to last.

There is literally no such thing as a cheap greenhouse anymore. Unless you are in a temporary state of affairs, meaning your either going to move or are just renting a house for a short time. If that is the case, then better off owning a small green house kit, as opposed to a permanently attached green house.

Best common decisions

Most homeowners would rather invest in something long lasting. A functional structure that will stand the test of time. Must look appealing as well.

If your going to build with standard dimensional wood, best to stain and seal your wood frame before constructing.

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Our preferred choice of framing wood

Structural Douglas fir Glu-lams, in a factory controlled environment are glued kiln dried together. Very rarely do wood glue-lams twist and warp making it an exceptionally strong wood for framing post and beam structures.

Most glue-lam post and beams can be used for decorative and fashion purposes as well as structural. Stained, sealed and exposed for an unobstructed view, creating a highly dramatic, warm and stunning appearance.

The richness of stained structural wood beams, an all time favorite for many projects is used for an attached wood frame green house and sunroom projects.

In terms of cost it is a bit less expensive than aluminum, however, the time and effort it takes to prepare wood glue-lams for its final appearance does take considerable time and cost. The added cost for an aluminum glazing system which is necessary to secure glass to wood is a significant factor.

The final cost can be more or equal to an aluminum greenhouse kit and here again this depends on the style and model of the aluminum greenhouse kit.

All things considered it depends on who is doing the work and the final appearance the home owner wants to achieve.

Home Attached Wood Frame Greenhouse Project

Have you considered building a greenhouse or sun space with wood?